Church Survey

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to each of you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!

Proverbs 27:23 compels the Shepherd to “know the state of your flock.” This survey is designed to assist me in getting to know the state of the members/friends who worship or have worshiped at Pleasant Green.

The fundamental purpose of this questionnaire is to provide an improved understanding of you, the church, and your involvement with the church’s ministries, so that we may understand better how to increase the effectiveness of the church. Your answers will be anonymous; do not write your name on the survey. Please return (if completing paper version) or complete this questionnaire here as soon as possible.

I hope and pray that you enjoy filling out this questionnaire and reflecting on our church and its ministries. Your response is very important, because you are the only one who can tell me about your unique opinions and activities, and give me clues to expanding the Kingdom of God through the activities of our church and congregations across the community, country, and around the world as Christ compels us in the great commission.

Blessings and Miracles

Bro. Jefforey Stafford

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